Termite Bait Station Structural

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Termite Bait Station Structural! Demonstrated by Urban Pest Control Pvt. Ltd.


This discussion applies to the use of termite baits throughout the entire Bangladesh. If you have a constructed building/ house in Bangladesh you must have to be introduce with this products or devices, In Bangladesh among five building four building must be invaded with termites!

Termite Baits are an important tool for termite prevention and control programs.  A typical termite treatment on a home is done with a soil-applied liquid termiticide. However, there are a number of situations where a baiting system may be preferred or the only alternative to a liquid treatment or may even be used to supplement a liquid treatment. For example:

  1. A liquid treatment may be too difficult:

    • There is a foundation drain around the house and chemical could leak into a pond, creek, or other body of water.

    • Heating/air conditioning ducts are located under or in a slab floor that might require drilling so the underlying soil can be treated.

    • A proper treatment would require extensive drilling of a slab that is covered by a wooden, tiled or carpeted floor, or drilling through other masonry such as a finished basement wall.

  2. A standard soil treatment may be illegal under federal, state and/or municipal regulations, e.g., when there is a well or cistern under or too closes to the house.

  3. You prefer and alternative to soil treatments for whatever reason.


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